Paperback Giveaway for What Has Become of You (Cat Not Included)


Although it hardly seems possible that the hardcover of What Has Become of You came out a year ago,  the paperback edition hits bookstores on April 28th– and as you can see, I have a few copies to unload. To celebrate the paperback debut, I am giving away two free, signed copies by random drawing in exchange for an impartial four- or -five star review! (I kid, I kid– there is nothing required in exchange)

How To Enter: Send an email to and put ‘Book Giveaway’ in the subject line by or before May 1st, 2015.

How Winners Will Be Selected/Notified: Entrants will be assigned a number and will be picked by random drawing on May 2nd. If you are one of the winners, I will send you an email notification and request your mailing address and if you would like your free copy inscribed to anyone in particular.

Bon chance!